Dominic Crisci’s Thicker Than Water will release this month via VOD – See the trailer here!

Multi-award winning Australian singer/songwriter Pete Murray undertook a personal transformation this year, debuting his dramatic talents in the lead role of Mad Lane Productions’ independent feature production, Thicker Than Water.

After concluding his Feeler 10 Year Anniversary album tour, Murray decided it was time to switch song for script. He began filming on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast alongside industry favourites Chai Hansen (Mako Mermaids), Anthony Brandon Wong (Family Law) and Madeleine Kennedy (We Were Tomorrow).

“While at times I was nervous and pretty scared, I saw it as a great opportunity to take a giant leap into the world of acting, plus I got to work with friends, have a great time and expand on something that I’m genuinely interested in,” saidMurray.

Pete Murray’s cinematic debut was made easier by a talented cast that also included Brad McMurray (Sea Patrol), Philippe Klaus (Wolf Creek 2) and the film’s writer and lead actress Ellie Popov (Emporium).

Thicker Than Water is a suburban drama set against a south-east Queensland backdrop and explores the fragility of family. The film was recently released in the US by Mad Lane Productions on Amazon Prime and producer Madeleine Kennedy, along with Adam Horner and the sales team at Ignite Pictures, have secured Green Apple Entertainment for video on demand in North America and Bounty Films in Australia for domestic and rest of world distribution.

Thicker Than Water will be available in Australia and New Zealand from the 18th of May via Amazon Prime & Instant Video and Vimeo On Demand.

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