Sunday Shorts: Council

Liam Graham


Written and Directed by Hayden Fortescue
Produced by James Pentecost, Gabrielle Cole and Hayden Fortescue
Starring Liam Graham, Nicola Bartlett, Adam T. Perkins, Simon Arblaster, Mario Rouse and Daniel James

A short film set at an indeterminate point in the future where overpopulation is a serious danger and must be managed by a panel of judges who determine who lives and dies on an annual basis. Our central character, Kane, must go before the council to prove his worth and finds that the values they are looking for are not the ones he envisaged.

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Article by Hayden Fortescue

After almost two years on the festival circuit ’m very pleased to release Council online for everyone to enjoy!

A short film, inspired by failure, that has turned into an unexpected success and become one of the most rewarding filmmaking experiences I’ve ever undertaken. Garnering 7 awards from 12 nominations across 10 festivals – The film has taken me from Margret River in Western Australia to Cologne, Germany with a stop off in Singapore for one last screening added in.

A concept that aimed to combine two of my passions, filmmaking and self-development, this has been a very personal project and I want to thank everyone along the way for helping it come to fruition. The experiences of putting it together, both the good and the challenging, have helped me grow in ways I never expected and I’ll always be grateful for that. So it’s my hope that any viewers out there can take something positive away from the film too and that its message and themes might help you navigate your life in some small way.

As an added bonus I’ve also completed a “Side By Side Comparison” of the finished film with the ‘Visual Boards’ created during pre-production. Combined with some behind the scenes commentary I hope this quick look into my process helps the aspiring filmmakers out there and is entertaining to anyone else who might be interested in how it all came together.

If you would like to get in touch or learn some more about the film then please check out the website: 


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