Never Forget Q&A screening set for Sydney

Never Forget will have its NSW premiere this month which will include a Q&A with director Jon Bling.

Starring Ann Truong, Tam Dinh, Van Nguyen and Ivan Bradara, Never Forget follows a young nurse who must travel back to her homeland to attend her father’s funeral. Her family sends a suitor to escort her back to her home town. Along the way, both of them not only learn about themselves but each other. For her, trying to learn the old traditions is hard enough and for him, a deep dark secret hangs over him.

“After screening the film at over 30 film festivals around the world, nothing is more exciting than to have my debut feature film being shown in home country of Australia,” Bling told Cinema Australia.

“The film itself, is a representation of how the young Vietnamese Australian can have it’s own stories be portrayed in cinema. For me personally, it is a story that I have been wanting to tell for the last 10 years and an experience that I will never forget,” says Bling.

Never Forget will screen at the Ritz Cinema, Randwick on Sunday, December 3. Details here.

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