In Focus: Insomnia City

Welcome to Cinema Australia’s new feature series, In Focus.

The point of In Focus is to introduce you to an upcoming Australian feature film which may not be on your radar yet.

If you’re currently filming an Australian feature film, or if you have one in the early stages of development, pre production or post production, let us know about it. We’d love to give it a plug.

Anyway… Enjoy!

Insomnia City

Written and Directed by Dale Crawford
Produced by Robert Chuter and Dale Crawford
Starring William Emmons, Marie-Therese Bjornerud, Miss Lilia Abello, Timothy Quabba, Akosia Sabet, Ryan Bown, Jet Tranter and Richard Aspel
Release Date July 2018

Fearing for his family’s sanity after the death of his daughter Lilith, a psychology professor sequesters his wife and surviving daughter in a high-rise apartment only to realise that it is his paranoid delusions that are driving them insane.

Your can keep up to date with Insomnia City here: Facebook | IMDb | Web

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