In Focus: Pimped

Welcome to Cinema Australia’s new feature series we’re calling In Focus.

The point of In Focus is to introduce you to an upcoming Australian feature film which may not be on your radar yet.

If you’re currently filming an Australian feature film, or if you have one in the early stages of development, pre production or post production, let us know about it. We’d love to give it a plug.

Anyway… Enjoy!

Benedict Samuel in Pimped.


Filming is underway on Australian psychological thriller, Pimped.

The 90-minute feature unfolds over the course of one night with Ella Scott Lynch and Benedict Samuel starring opposite each other in a story of a conflicted woman wronged by two men in a twisted sexual game.

Best known for TV roles in Janet King and Love Child – and straight from filming the latest instalment of the Underbelly franchise Chopper – Ella Scott Lynch is making a strong return to the screen after the recent birth of her first child.

Pimped is one of those stories I couldn’t get out of my head,” said Scott Lynch.

“It’s both subversive and compelling – experimenting within deeper, darker psychological aspects of ourselves and how that can illuminate our ability to both love and hurt.”

From further afield, Benedict Samuel who’s been busy over past years in America filming DC Comics’ Gotham and The Walking Dead, was an early ally in the film’s development and feels his role is fertile territory for him as an actor.

“It’s exciting to be part of a film where I believe audiences will be questioning their own moral compass. The characters aren’t what they seem and that’s a great challenge for an actor,” said Samuel.

Supported by Heather Mitchell, Lewis Fitz-Gerald and Robin Goldsworthy, first-time feature director, David Barker says he is buoyed by having such an experienced and talented cast for his debut.

“Our aim is to make a thriller with a difference,” said Barker. “They’re deeply challenging roles. I couldn’t be more pleased to have Ella and Benedict leading our film. Working with the calibre of actors we have on Pimped, is like some sort of gift.”

A bold, performance-driven tale, Pimped, is written by David Barker and collaborator Lou Mentor, and produced by Annie Kinnane and Barker, for Playground Films.

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