Trailer of the Day: Flow

Rain Fuller and Osamah Sami in Flow.


Written and Directed by Simon Elrahi
Produced by Simon Elrahi, Malcolm McLennan and Johnny Lahoud
Starring Rain Fuller, Osamah Sami, Veronica Lang, Ben MaClaine. Lisa Scarlett, Millie Samuels, Aska Karem, Neveen Hanna, Victoria Ferrara and Maria McCarthy

Stephen (Osamah Sami) and Julia’s (Rain Fuller) marriage is strained, unstable and lacking intimacy.

Although they try to connect at times, their efforts lack a certain flow that is seen with loving marriages.

Due to this lack of connectedness and feelings of being unloved, Stephen has withheld information about a life-threatening illness which Julia discovers by accident.

It becomes obvious that what was missing before just can’t be fixed and Julia finds out another secret that will ultimately tear them apart.

Flow will open this year’s Sydney Indie Film Festival. Details here.


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