Review: Frisky


Written, Directed and Produced by Claudia Pickering
Starring Claudia Pickering, Monica Ammerman, Brandon Wardle and Cameron Hunt

“A beautiful exploration of friendship and self-discovery.”

by Matthew Eeles

Female-driven comedies are seldom seen in Australian cinema. Frisky and Britt Kynde’s Cursed are the only two local features we’ve seen this year written and directed by their leading ladies, the latter of which has gone largely unseen.

Australia has a wealth of female comedians and if Frisky is anything to go by, Claudia Pickering has a first class ticket to the top of that list. In fact, the writer, director and actor has left such an impression on the folk at production company Jungle (No Activity) that a Frisky TV series is already in the works.

The aptly titled Frisky is all about Chloe (Pickering) who has just moved to San Francisco from Australia after breaking up with her boyfriend. She’s moving in with her American bestie Alice (Monica Ammerman) and the two have grand ideas of starting a marketing company together. The problem is, they’re easily distracted by their sexual desires and any bottle of booze within reach. We’ve all been there, right?

Despite being set in San Francisco, Frisky is a very Australian film boasting copious amounts of our signature humour. Chloe has an irresistible charm and the fun personalities of the film’s supporting characters makes for very entertaining viewing.

While the script and the performances are razor sharp, Frisky struggles technically from time to time which is forgivable considering the entire crew were sourced from Craigslist. Nonetheless, Frisky is a beautiful exploration of friendship and self-discovery.

A fine example of guerrilla filmmaking.

Frisky is available on various streaming services from September 6. Details at

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