A new trailer and poster have arrived for Zelos

A new trailer and a fresh new poster has dropped for Zelos ahead of the film’s world premiere at the Great Barrier Reef Film Festival on September 7.

The new Australian coming-of-age comedy is the feature film debut for director Jo-Anne Brechin whose short film credits include Booth, This Dog’s Life, Birthday Party and Hard Seats.

Zelos is a project helmed by women including two producers (Jo-Anne Brechin & Harris), the director (Brechin), writer (Harris), cinematographer (Emma Paine) and editor (Chrine Cheung).” Zelos screenwriter and co-producer Claire Harris told Cinema Australia last year.

Zelos is described as being a coming of age story for thirty-somethings. It follows Bernard (Ben Mortley), a successful 35 year old living the perfect life with his girlfriend, Sarah (Shannon Ashlyn). Bernard’s pristine existence is turned upside down when Sarah confesses she’d done the dirty on him. To salvage the relationship, Sarah insists Bernard sleep with another woman to level the playing field.

Zelos was recently included on AACTA’s long list of films considered for this year’s AACTA nominations.

An official release date for Zelos is yet to be confirmed.

Directed by Jo-Anne Brechin
Written by Claire J. Harris
Produced by Jo-Anne Brechin & Claire J. Harris
Starring Ben Mortley, Shannon Ashlyn, Ainslie McGlynn, Jeanie Drynan, Leigh Scully, Seaton Kay-Smith, Steve McGrath and Ron Smyck



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