Exclusive! Fight Like a Woman ready to pack a punch

Fight Like a Woman writer, director and actor Taya Calder-Mason.

Written by Matthew Eeles

Cameras are set to roll on an intriguing new Australian short film that’s sure to polarise audiences.

Taya Calder-Mason’s, Fight Like a Woman, has a unique storyline which pits Calder-Mason’s Lanie Ray against fellow boxer Ricky, played by actor Matthew Clarke.

“I have been wanting to mix my two passions, boxing and film, together for some time,” Calder-Mason told Cinema Australia.

“The idea for Fight Like a Woman came after I realised that stereotypes and ‘fighting like a girl’ is still a very current topic that isn’t being talked about,” Calder-Mason continued.

Fight Like a Woman is centred around a local boxing match which has captured the attention of a small town. Most of the community have come to see a good fight, some have come to see Lanie get annihilated.

A controversial story of a male and female going toe-to-toe in a boxing ring may be difficult viewing for some audiences, but it’s all part of the enthusiastic writer and director’s mission for women to be treated equal to men.

“This equality issue shouldn’t be kept in the dark and being a woman shouldn’t be a weakness when in the the boxing ring,” Calder-Mason said.

“I hope when the audience watches the film, it portrays that women don’t want special treatment.”

Actor Matthew Clarke, who plays challenger Ricky Louis to Taya Calder-Mason’s underdog, told Cinema Australia he was excited to be a part of such a unique project.

“It’s not about proving a point or making a stance on gender equality in a conventional way, it’s about encouraging people’s awareness for the word they use to articulate their feelings about the opposite sex,” Clarke said.

“A ‘saying’ that is carried through generations to degrade, in an attempt to show dominant masculinity, is now ready to be shelved in the 21st century, making way for more encouraging ‘sayings’ to take place.”

Fight Like a Woman will also star Paul Antony Rogers and Lanie’s trainer Robb and Brenton Prince as Ricky’s coach. Fight Like a Woman’s crew includes cinematographer and editor Peter McMurray, assistant director Kate Hardy, and Special FX makeup artist Lucy Woolfman.

Fight Like a Woman will start shooting on August 18.

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