Sunday Shorts: A Girl’s Best Friend

Bec Caldwell (Writer/Producer)
“This script completely came about by accident. I was writing a little two hander scene between a cop and a ‘rough’ chick, intending to use it as a showreel scene or audition piece. After I had written that, I researched my character so much that I accidentally wrote an entire plot around it. The diamond idea came from an article I’d read in Vanity Fair or something of that ilk years ago about a woman who had made her fortune that way, before of course, being caught.”

Matthew W Reynolds (Director)
“I came onboard A Girl’s Best Friend, as Director When Bec Caldwell, the film’s writer and star contacted me while I was away on vacation to writer a director’s statement… never actually asking me if I wanted to direct, she just decided I was. I had been assisting with script notes but suddenly I found myself directing a film. This was the first film I directed without also being the writer, because of that it presented a set of new challenges for me, typically I make a great deal of my decisions as a director while writing the story where as now I was figuring out how to make the film while pushing through a fast moving pre production. It was an interesting experience, I found myself really intrigued by these two women of a lower class background not letting their social standing get in the way of them living their lives as they want to do it. I made the decision to cast the other roles with male actors so as to really emphasise this idea of two bogan women taking on the world.”

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