Trailer of the Day: Message Man

Message Man

Written and Directed by Corey Pearson
Produced by Corey Pearson and Mark Nelson
Starring Paul O’Brien, Verdi Solomin, Aji Sontosa and Agni Pratistha Kuswardono

Message Man is the story a retired hitman Ryan who lives a life of solitude on his boat skirting around the islands of Indoensia. When Ryan’s boat breaks, he is forced to visit a nearby islands and is befriended by Doni, a young charismatic local boy. Their relationship develops and Ryan finds a sense of family for the first time in his life. But when a group of pirates who are abducting young girls from the islands harm Doni, ryan’s brutal past surfaces and his actions set of a chain reaction which leads a life long enermy straight to him. Ryan must embark on a path of redemption to set things right and finish something he started years ago.

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