Welcome to Hotel Coolgardie

Raw and Cooked Media have dropped a revealing new trailer for Hotel Coolgardie ahead of its Australian theatrical release next month.

Following a packed out screening at last years’ Sydney Film Festival, Hotel Coolgardie garnered national headlines for its depiction of the disturbing experience of two Finnish backpackers who found themselves the latest batch of “fresh meat” sent to work as barmaids at the only pub in a remote Australian mining town.

Confronted with a culture of alienation and impunity, in limbo between being desired and disdained, their working holiday rapidly deteriorates into a bizarre test of endurance as they discover that to meet expectations they’ll need to do more than just pour drinks.

Set deep in Australia’s harsh interior, Hotel Coolgardie is a sometimes amusing, sometimes appalling, surprisingly moving portrait of small town insularity, fragile masculinity and the plight of the outsider forced to adapt or face the consequences.

Produced with the financial support of Screenwest and directed, shot and edited by West Australian filmmaker Pete Gleeson, Hotel Coolgardie is Gleeson’s first feature-length documentary and has been officially selected for Hot Docs, American Documentary Film Festival, Nordic International Film Festival, New Zealand International Film Festival, CinéfestOz and Canberra International Film Festival.

One thought on “Welcome to Hotel Coolgardie

  1. Loved the show.Worked on the east west road in the sixties,would call into the pub on the way back to Perth.life was tough in those days,everyone got on with life the best way they could,True to its word.A meeting place for all sorts of people,no matter who you were.Good honest filming.Well done .Now make a film on Kalgoorlie.Or life on building the East West highway.The Nullarbor showed no mercy back then.

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