A new trailer has dropped for The Marshes

A brand new trailer has dropped for Roger Scott’s highly anticipated horror film, The Marshes, and it has a Texas Chainsaw Massacre vibe about it.

In the middle of nowhere is a labyrinthine marshland teetering on the verge of extinction.

Committed to saving it is Dr Pria Anan using diligence and reason to fight the forces of ignorance that threaten its existence. With rival Ben and assistant Will helping her, Pria is certain she is in control but her fears threaten to overwhelm her, tensions mount and control becomes elusive.

Finally fear becomes manifest in the form of a horrifying evil; they must abandon science and focus on survival.

The Marshes stars Dafna Kronental, Matthew Cooper, Sam Delich, Eddie Baroo, Zac Drayson, Amanda McGregor, Sarah Armanious, Katherine Beckett and Cass Cummerford.

The Marshes is eyeing a 2018 cinema release. You can find out more about the film here.

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