Trailer of the Day: An Afterlife

An Afterlife

Directed by Ryan Neil Butler
Written and Produced by Jeremy Rigby
Starring Joss McWilliam, Andrew Groundwater, Linda Millar and Kiki Towny
Release Date May 2017

Is there life after death?

Everyone has asked this question, but JASON (30) believes he knows the answer. He isn’t a holy man, a psychic or even religious. He’s a prisoner in the midst of being put to death by lethal injection.

Before his execution, he questions the afterlife. Is there a heaven? Hell? Or a promised land? His questions lead to one conclusion. When we die that’s it, with one exception, the last few minutes of life. The brain knows it’s dying and in one final burst of mortality allows a person to experience a dreamscape that can seem to take a week, months or even an eternity. The brain becomes the place known as the afterlife.

In Jason’s world, MARY (50), Jason’s mother, wants him to join her at church even though he’s an atheist. SUE, his sister (20s), appears to be a gym junky. And Jason’s father, JOHN (55), represents various aspects of Jason’s life; from the MAN he appears to kill, to a PRIEST, a JUDGE and even the jury. Jason’s afterlife seems to be set in stone and it leads down one path. Jason will rot in hell.

Jason succumbs to the lethal injection. The final moments of his brief visit on earth become a brain-generated afterlife and then it’s over. 

Or is it, because in an afterlife nothing is ever what it seems!

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