Cult survivor to join The Family Q&A in Perth

Luna Leederville are set to host an insightful Q&A screening of The Family with award winning Director Rosie Jones (The Triangle Wars) and Ben Shenton, a cult survivor living in Perth, on Sunday 26 March following the 6.30pm session at Luna Leederville.

Rosie delves into this seemingly implausible sect, giving voice to survivors and cult-members as they recount their stories.

A provocative documentary that traces the history ofself-styled guru Anne Hamilton-Byrne. The true story of the cult that shocked Australia in 1987, based on the book by Chris Johnston and Rosie Jones

For years on a property outside Melbourne, Anne Hamilton-Byrne ruled over The Family, a cult that the glamorous guru grew around her by convincing people that she was a literal god. Hamilton-Byrne conned her followers into handing over their assets, property and especially children into her control. When the cult was finally busted in 1987, Hamilton-Byrne escaped overseas, leaving abused children and devotees in her wake. The Family documents the journeys of the cult’s survivors, and whether they will achieve any kind of justice against their mesmeric yet cruel captor.

Luna Leederville
Sunday 26 March at 6.30pm
Tickets here.

Exclusive season starts from March 30 at Luna Leederville.

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