Limited release announced for David Parker’s The Menkoff Method

A very limited release has been announced for new Australian feature, The Menkoff Method, opening Thursday 1 December.

Directed by David Parker (Malcom), this quirky love story stars Noah Taylor, Catherine McClements and newcomers Lachlan Woods and Jessica Clarke. The film will open with a special event screening and Q&A in Sydney with David Parker and an opening night with an introduction by filmmakers in Melbourne.

The Menkoff Method is a comedy of human resources. Murder, assassins, zombies and manga all become real as our hero pursues the girl of his dreams.

David Cork (Lachlan Woods) is a lowly data processor slaving away in the cubical wasteland of Endo Bank’s notorious Data Processing Centre – the DCP – but his real passion is manga. David dreams of Foxy Chaos, a female superhero created by the great manga artist Takuya Fujimoro, but his dreams are shattered when enigmatic Russian HR consultant, Max Menkoff (Noah Taylor) arrives to reform his workplace. When Menkoff’s unorthodox management techniques take on a dark and sinister turn, it is left to David, along with the beautiful and formidable Ruby Jackson (Jessica Clarke)  from Head Office, to save their colleagues from a fate worse than death.

“This is a film for anyone who sits at an office desk 9 to 5 but inhabits a wild and rich world in their imagination. I love its absurdity. It’s not often you read a script and laugh out loud,” said Parker.

Working primarily in theatre these days Parker has assembled a brilliant cast including Robert Taylor, Catherine McClements, Malcolm Kennard, Andy Ryan and Red Stitch alumni Brett Cousins, Olga Makeeva and David Whiteley and Noah Taylor who took time off from filming Game of Thrones to work with Parker.

“I knew David Parker was the right man to do this film. He invented the genre of quirky films – with his groundbreaking Malcolm. This is a sweet, crazy, Melbourne based film,” Taylor said.

The Menkoff Method opens on Thursday 1 December in seven cinemas across VIC, NSW, ACT and QLD.

Q&A Sessions and Times
NSW  Tuesday 29 November  Palace Norton Street   Time 6:40pm  with director David Parker
VIC Thursday 1 December  Palace Kino  7pm  with director David Parker and cast


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