First Look! Stunning new poster revealed for Scott Mannion’s The Defector

by Matthew Eeles

Stunning new artwork has been revealed for The Defector.

Hand painted with a digital brush by local concept artist Jeremy Love (Alien: CovenantPirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales) – and inspired by Belgian poster artist Raymond Elseviers – the striking artwork is a suitable fit for the ambitious Australian short film.

“Our intention was for this artwork to be part of the story, the first hook. We wanted to represent the best of 1960s-1970s thrillers, and Soviet propaganda, and to express the scale and craft of the film,” director Scott Mannion told Cinema Australia.

“Jeremy has created a world class poster. Watching an artist reinterpret your work and exceed your expectations is a beautiful experience, but more wonderful is giving all of it to the audience. It’s like being an obsessed scientist working on an experiment in a underground lab for 3 years, and now I finally get to put the mouse in the maze. I’ve placed dopamine at the exit, will you find your way to it?” Mannion said.

The Defector is set in 1967 and is based around the disappearance of Australian Prime Minister Harold Holt who is embroiled in a power struggle after discovering his spymaster has illegally investigated and exposed Red sympathisers embedded within Holt’s administration.

The full-blown espionage thriller is shot by Academy Award winner Russell Boyd (Gallipoli) and with The Chimney Pot, the VFX house behind the seamless period FX in Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy, handling the film’s Cold War period VFX. It’s an Australian spy film made to world class standards.

The Defector is written and directed by Scott Mannion, and stars Sean Taylor as Harold Holt and is anticipating a 2017 release following an international festival premiere.

Check out the poster below and let us know your thoughts.



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