Made in Melbourne Film Festival launch Indigenous Script to Screen initiative

Made in Melbourne Film Festival (MIM) and Threecatsinlimbo Productions have partnered together to create Indigenous Script to Screen, a short film initiative to give voice to the stories of indigenous people on film.

This initiative will see one script taken through all levels of production to a public screening on December 9th as part of the Made in Melbourne Film Festival. MIM has already committed $3000 and $1000 in equipment hire has been graciously provided by Threecatsinlimbo Productions and support from a number of interest groups is being considered.

MIM have not received an entry from an indigenous writer or director in seven years. “When you’ve got art you’ve got voice, when you’ve got voice you’ve got freedom, with freedom comes responsibility.” said filmmaker Richard Frankland on the initiative. “This initiative is a sign that broader community of Victorian artists and arts administrators are recognising the need to assist in facilitating the indigenous voice in the arts arena. They see this as imperative to changing the cultural landscape for the betterment of us all.”

You can find more information on how to submit your film here.


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