First Look! Perth filmmaking duo are delving into new ground with A Girls Best Friend

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Perth filmmaking duo Rebecca Caldwell and Matt Reynolds are delving into new ground with their latest film, A Girl’s Best Friend.

Written by Caldwell, it tells an oft omitted tale of friendship between two women, when the stakes are high in suburbia. The two main characters, Phoebe, played by Chloe Brown (Lurking Woods) and Sam (Caldwell), are quintessential ‘bogan’ girls who haven’t always been on the right side of the law. When one of them goes to prison the other feels guilty and swears not to follow in her footsteps, although staying straight isn’t as easy as it seems. Left without a support network, Sam struggles to get by, so is overjoyed when Phoebe is released in the hopes that it will lessen the financial burden. Phoebe seems to have other plans, leaving Sam copping the brunt of the pressure.

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“It’s a comedy, so we are looking at the lighter side of life here, as well as the sisterly relationships between non familial women – they aren’t perfect, but they do love and support each other and it shows that regardless of your lot in life. There are interesting stories to be told in suburbia, it’s not all long lunches and nice clothes” says Caldwell who also produced the film.

It’s a character stretch for both Brown and Caldwell as they delve into their inner bogan.

“These ladies aren’t role models by any stretch of the imagination, but you can’t help but identify with them, and like them, even if it’s just been a passing thought about ways to get by” says Director, Matt Reynolds of the characters. “One of the great things about Phoebe and Sam, is that they are the strong characters here. They’ve never relied on others so when trouble comes knocking they don’t play the victim or blame anyone. It’s a funny resolution, even if it is a disappointment for the characters themselves”

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The film, shot around Subiaco had some great sponsorship support as well as fantastic locations. “We are truly lucky for the amazing support we received from local businesses and individuals wanting to make this film a reality” Rebecca says some of the major sponsors; Murder in a Box, Concrete Ambition and Smales Jewellers were instrumental in getting the film made the way we all envisioned.

A Girls Best Friend will premiere to sponsors and supporters later in June and the public can catch it at local and international film festivals soon the be announced.

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