F’d Up Film Show – Reviewing the latest film releases without care or concern

Missing David and Margaret on the small screen?

There’s a little bit of Australia’s favourite bickering film critics in the new satirical web-series, F****d-Up Film Show.

Created by Perth-based production team Lot 3 Media, F****d-Up Film Show introduces the world to Colin (David T. Cowell), a high-brow film snob and Matilda (Annabel Maclean), a low-brow film buff as they pull apart newly released films… when they’re not tearing each other apart.

“I’m glad I’m not like Colin. I don’t think even I could be around someone that pretentious.” Cowell told Cinema Australia about his on-screen alter ego. “I did enjoy playing him to be a complete arse though.”

“Colin is a dick.” Maclean says of her sparring partner. “Matilda is a trendy mother fucker and she’s fun and almost a ‘bogan’ in a way. She can relate to the masses when it comes to what a lot of people like about films – boobs, sex, explosions, bombs, action scenes. I love her.”

In the first episode on the show – released last week via the series’ Facebook page – the two take a look at Captain America: Civil War. You can watch it below.

Fingers crossed a few Australian film’s will feature on the show in the near future.

2 thoughts on “F’d Up Film Show – Reviewing the latest film releases without care or concern

  1. I can’t watch it, Colin is waaaaay to annoying. There’s nothing to like. I’ll pass on this in the future. Matilda is great tho !

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