Sunday Shorts: Little Moments

Written by Nathan Wishart (writer/director):

I’d always wanted to make a film noir so I went in that direction and came up with a story about a woman who just can’t find it in herself to distance herself from someone who she should’ve lost contact with a long time ago – that person has a destructive impact in that person’s life and it leads to tragedy. I spent a full year working on the script before it went into production.

Little Moments Cinema Australia 4

This was the second short film I have written and directed. My previous short film The Silence in Between was also well received, winning third prize in a local film festival and voted best-edited short film of the month at

I wanted an experienced producer this time as my previous short film didn’t have one and asked a friend of mine if he knew anyone good, he put me in touch with Denisa Jalloh.

Little Moments Cinema Australia 2

Denisa Jalloh was an incredible asset to this production. She was switched on from the very beginning, organizing paperwork, finding locations and being incredibly supportive. Peter McAllum and Erin were both recommended by Denisa Jalloh. We never would’ve been able to film at the stylish World Bar at Rydges Hotel without Denisa Jalloh. I learned a great deal from Denisa Jalloh and I’m still learning.

We filmed in multiple locations including the world bar in king’s cross. The manager there was extremely accommodating and we also filmed in Bondi with a fantastic view of the beach from the balcony.

Little Moments Cinema Australia 3

I opted to edit the film myself as I believed it would be quicker and used Final Cut Pro 6, I had taken a course in editing while I was studying at JMC Academy for a diploma/associate degree so it was good to put those skills to use.

It was a terrific learning experience overall, through the ups and downs but I got to work with some incredibly talented people both behind and in front of the camera, without them, this film would not exist, so thank you to everyone involved in this film, even the ones that didn’t get an official credit.

Little Moments Cinema Australia 1

Executive Producer Denisa Jalloh
Producer Denisa Jalloh
Director Nathan Wishart
Writer Nathan Wishart
Cinematographer Martyn Taylor
Editor Nathan Wishart
Sound Recordists Mark Paul & Joel Pinteric
Composer Tim McArtney
Make-up Artists Wendy Hislop & Tina Paul
Costume Designer Jana Hartwich
Gaffers Pete Storey & Gregoire Liere
Peter McAllum Don
Erin Chadwick Helen
Alex Millwood Greg
Businessman #1 Mo Jalloh
Businessman #2 Bill Wishart
Bass player Tim Newsom
Drummer Gavin Darbyshire


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