Exclusive one-off screening of Street Art: A PUBLIC Affair in Perth

Three Tree Productions will host a one-off screening of their documentary Street Art: A PUBLIC Affair on Sunday, 27 September at Luna Leederville.

The documentary follows a street art festival which takes place in Perth every April, created and operated by the amazing team at FORM. This year, the event was bigger and better than ever, with over 50 local, national and internationally renowned artists adorning blank walls across five suburbs.

Street Art: A PUBLIC Affair features an incredible array of new urban artworks, along with interviews with a number of the artists involved including Chris Nixon (Australia), Anya Brock (Australia), Brenton See (Australia), Idol Motions (Australia), Stormie Mills (Australia), James Giddy (Australia), Elian (Argentina), Hayley Welsh (UK), Nespoon (Poland) and many more.

Click here for ticket details and more information about the screening.

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