Trailer of the Day: Cast From the Storm

Welcome to Cinema Australia’s brand new feature, Trailer of the Day.

Each day we’ll be aiming to bring you a trailer of an Australian film – new or old. We’ll be including a few fun facts about the film featured as well as screening information and release dates for new films. We also hope to include a quote or two from the filmmakers themselves, exclusively for Cinema Australia readers.

We hope you get a kick out of this new feature and don’t forget to let us know what you think of the trailer featured. Enjoy!

Cast From the Storm

Directed by: David Mason
Release Date: October 2015
Did you know?: This is David Mason’s filmmaking debut after working for the Seven network for five years as a director and producer in On-Air promotions.

After fleeing war and persecution in the Middle East, many teenagers find themselves facing a brand new stage — beyond the horror they’ve endured along the way, high-school in Sydney, Australia, is a vastly different challenge. Yet with the help of an innovative theatre program, a unique opportunity awaits.

When a group of survivors hailing from Iraq, Syria, Iran, Afghanistan and Serbia meet after-school to share their incredible personal experiences, they each realise they are not alone. As they confront their darkest memories, a powerful transformation begins.

Revealing “Storm Stories” — the stories that made them refugees — and mastering them for the stage, is a cathartic yet problematic process, and the group face a range of disasters on opening night. Steering the ship are three passionate teachers under enormous pressure to provide every child with a bright future.

Cast from the Storm provides a raw and intimate insight into this turbulent and deeply moving journey. As the curtains are raised, silence descends. For some students, this will be the performance of their lives. (Source:

You can find out more about the film at:

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