World premiere announced for Greenfield

Greenfield, an Australian-Danish web series directed by Julius Telmer, will have it’s world premiere at Luna Leederville on June 25.

Greenfield is a ScreenWest 3-to-1 cinematic soap-drama web-series set in rural Australia. Filmed in Merredin, WA over the course of a month, the cast and crew worked and lived out of the old Cummins Theatre with the support of the local community.

The production included members of the community as actors and extras in the production, and also offered acting and film-making workshops as a thanks for supporting our time in their town. The series is an observational drama and it deals with many issues that are very present in rural communities within Australia today.

With a Danish Director and Cinematographer on board, Greenfield was able to tee up support from the Danish Film Institute allowing post-production to take place at their facilities in Copenhagen. Both ScreenWest and the DFI have shown so much support to this very low-budget production because of their belief in what they were doing. The project has also been nominated for four West Australian screen awards in the areas of acting and best drama short form.

The series will screen at Luna Leederville next Thursday, 25th June at 6.30pm. More information about the premiere, including ticket sales, can be found here.

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