The Get Your Shorts On! program is here!

ScreenWest has announced this year’s Get Your Shorts On! program, which will delight and inspire as it showcases the talents of Western Australia’s short filmmakers.

Programmed by ScreenWest and screening as part of the Revelation Perth International Film Festival, this year’s Get Your Shorts On! features shorts that explore the ways we love, communicate with each other and understand ourselves.

Get Your Shorts On! kicks off with comedy Setting Them Straight, followed by mesmerising coming-of-age story Karroyul, heartfelt father-son drama Fish, deeply moving drama Dark Whispers, whimsical romance High Tide and finishes with a bang with the hilarious comedy Love in a Disabled Toilet.

ScreenWest Chief Executive Ian Booth said this year’s program had a strong Indigenous component.

“We can’t wait to share these impressive, emotionally resonant shorts with Western Australian audiences,” Mr Booth said.

“Three of the shorts – Karroyul, Dark Whispers and High Tide – are from Indigenous filmmakers who were supported by ScreenWest and Lotterywest. This demonstrates how our Indigenous programs and initiatives are delivering powerful results and paints a bright future for WA Indigenous filmmakers.”

All Get Your Shorts On! films received funding support from either ScreenWest, Lotterywest, FTI or Screen Australia. They were filmed by talented crew in locations across Western Australia, as diverse as the South West, Broome, Northbridge and Chidlow.

Get Your Shorts On! screens Thursday, 9 July at the Luna Palace Cinema in Leederville. Doors open at 6:30pm. Tickets are $18 ($15 concession).

For more information visit

2015 Get Your Shorts On! Program 

Setting Them Straight (Short comedy – 6 mins)
Writer/Producer: Brett Dowson
Writer/Director: Kaleb McKenna
Synopsis: Over sandwiches and green cordial, a young man finally sets his parents straight about his sexuality.
Additional information: The parents, Pat and Margaret, are played by Greg and Sarah McNeill who have been married for over 30 years.
Official Selection: Palm Springs International Film Festival 2015

Karroyul (Short drama – 15 mins)
Producers: Melissa Kelly and Jaclyn Hewer
Director: Kelrick Martin
Writer: Kim Scott
Synopsis: An Aboriginal girl, lost and empty after the death of her mother, discovers her past in an unlikely place.
Additional information: Adapted from the award winning short story A Refreshing Sleep by Miles Franklin Award-winning Indigenous writer Kim Scott, Karroyul is a Pibulmun/Wadandi word for “returning”.
Official selection: St Kilda Film Festival 2015 (Winner – Best Achievement in Indigenous Filmmaking), Sydney Film Festival 2015.

Fish (Short drama – 7 mins)
Producer: Dan Thom
Writer/Director: Alexander Wheldon
Synopsis: A father and son embark on a fishing trip in an effort to salvage their fractured relationship.
Additional information: Filmed at Lake Leschenaultia in Chidlow, Shire of Mundaring.

Dark Whispers (Short drama – 9 mins)
Producer: Kelrick Martin
Director/writer: Ngaire Pigram
Synopsis: Amid the dark whispers she can no longer ignore, Debbie’s reality is more horrifying than her illusion.
Additional information: World premiere screening

High Tide (Short comedy – 10 mins)
Producer: Kelrick Martin
Director: Kimberley West
Writer: Dot West
Synopsis: Can Jamie set his fishing line aside for one night in order to catch the girl of his dreams?
Additional information: High Tide was filmed in Broome, and inspired by true events.
Official selection: Flickerfest 2015 (Flickerkids program), Providence Children’s Film Festival 2015, Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) Kids International Film Festival 2015, St Kilda Film Festival 2015 (Nominee – Best Achievement in Indigenous Filmmaking).

Love in a Disabled Toilet (Short comedy – 10 mins)
Producer: Red Milestone Productions, Jess Black, Miley Tunnecliffe
Director: Ruben Pracas
Writer: Miley Tunnecliffe
Synopsis: Dana is having a terrible night…and that’s before she gets stuck in a nightclub disabled toilet with the guy who broke her heart and his new girlfriend.
Additional information: A disabled toilet with movable walls was constructed for filming on set at Filmbites Studios, as well as on location at Mint nightclub.



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