West Side Shorts – Bringing Australian talent to life

Cinema Australia are proud supporters of short filmmaking and believe they’re the backbone of the Australian film industry.

West Side Shorts was recently brought to our attention so we thought we’d share it with our readers.

West Side Cinema Australia 1

West Side Shorts began in 2008 and is the longest running monthly film event in Melbourne. Held on every second Tuesday of the month in Williamstown at the Customs House Hotel, West Side Shorts screens six short films along with a Q&A with filmmakers, actors and producers.

West Side Cinema Australia 3

If you have made a short film then West Side Shorts is a great way to get some extra exposure, network with media talents and support the Australian film industry. Expect a welcoming evening with great atmosphere and networking opportunities.

West Side Cinema Australia 4

There is a raffle prize on the night provided by the event’s sponsors, Dracon Pictures and Hairhouse Warehouse.

West Side Cinema Australia 2

Entry is $5 and family/friends are welcome!
To submit a short film or to host the event, e-mail us: vogeldesign@optusnet.com.au or joannekmaid@gmail.com

West Side Cinema Australia 5

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