Edit guru Ric Curtin joins The Backlot’s post delivery team

Last week The Backlot Perth hosted The Backlot Post team as they launched their one-stop-shop post production service model to local WA film makers, while also announcing that edit guru Ric Curtin will be part of the local post delivery team.

The Backlot founders, Tony Ianiro and Mark D’Angelo (The Backlot Films) have formed an alliance with Deluxe Australia to provide the Australian film and television industry with a one-stop-shop for seamless post-production and logistics services across Australia.

The strategic alliance forms a business model that offers price-pointed, full-service post-production accessible from numerous locations around Australia. The Backlot Films and Deluxe Australia will each offer specialised services in their respective fields:  Deluxe Australia through full post, VFX and multi-platform authoring and The Backlot Films via full audio post (The Backlot Post – with partner Craig Jansson), and multi-platform distribution and logistics.

From combined purpose-built facilities in South Melbourne, Southbank, Lane Cove, Perth and Brisbane (coming soon), the parties will come together on a selective project basis to offer filmmakers their collective expertise and services to deliver a full suite of mobilised onset data management, picture and sound post, and media delivery services.

Check out the showreel below which includes your first look at John Jarratt’s Stalkher.

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