Madly in love with Super 8? Revel-8 is now calling for entries

Indie filmmakers love the retro-charm of shooting on celluloid and Revel-8 loves helping you do it. We make the Super 8 journey easy by providing a film cartridge as part of the registration fee and providing advice and support… we’re there to help and then join the party as Super 8 film celebrates its 50th anniversary at Revelation Perth International Film Festival.
Revel-8 Director Keith Smith says “this is the year to put on a show to remember.”
MAD LOVE – ever desired something or someone with the kind of passion which knows no limits? Gone to a place where obsession clouded judgement and the object of desire began to take over your life?

Enter Revel-8 2015 and take us on a Super 8 journey where the heart rules the mind, crazy antics replace measured behaviour and where highs, lows and bruises are all part of the fun. Leave us with some life lessons or the inspiration to reach for the sky!

Tell your story ‘in-camera’ on a single 3.5 minute cartridge of Super-8 film, and the talented music composition students at the WA Academy of Performing Arts will create a music soundtrack.

Revel-8 films will premiere to their makers for the first time at Revelation Perth International Film Festival on Sunday12 July, 2015. Awards to be presented include Best Film, Best Music Soundtrack, Best Cinematography and Audience Choice.

Entry forms can be downloaded from or contact for more information and a Super 8 Help Guide.

Subscribe to Revel-8’s YouTube channel (here) and join the Revel8 Super8 Film Fest Facebook group (here) to keep up with the latest.

Films must be submitted by Monday 8 June 2015.

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