The Backlot Films announces post production & logistics alliance with Deluxe Australia

The Backlot founders, Tony Ianiro and Mark D’Angelo (The Backlot Films) today announced an alliance with Deluxe Australia which will provide the Australian film and television industry with a one-stop-shop for seamless post-production and logistics services across Australia.

The strategic alliance forms a business model that offers price-pointed, full-service post-production accessible from numerous locations around Australia. The Backlot Films and Deluxe Australia will each offer specialised services in their respective fields:  Deluxe Australia through full post, VFX and multi-platform authoring and The Backlot Films via full audio post (The Backlot Post – with partner Craig Jansson), and multi-platform distribution and logistics.

From combined purpose-built facilities in South Melbourne, Southbank, Lane Cove, Perth and Brisbane (coming soon), the parties will come together on a selective project basis to offer filmmakers their collective expertise and services to deliver a full suite of mobilised onset data management, picture and sound post, and media delivery services.

Tony Ianiro said “Our focus has always been on connecting, engaging and collaborating with local and emerging talent. How exactly do emerging filmmakers secure an attainable post production service at the highest standard possible when they are faced with significant financial contraints. We believe that our model will become one of those attainable paths for this next generation of filmmakers.”

This local focus is the central ethos for Deluxe Australia and Backlot Films’ alliance.

Deluxe Australia’s Managing Director, Alaric McAusland said, “When we were looking to further expand and mobilise our post and logistics services we looked to The Backlot Films as the ideal partner.  They are an inspiring, fresh business with grassroots connections to filmmakers and an expansive network of private event theatres. We felt that their skillset and passion was the right fit.”

The Backlot Films service offering to the local cinema industry is further diversified by their agreement with Deluxe Australia to provide management for three dispatch warehouses in Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth. This greatly improves the commercial justifiability of film dispatch operations remaining open outside of Deluxe Sydney  – where local exhibitors collect and return DCP’s and advertising assets for 90% of major and minor film distributors represented in Australia.

Ianiro says, “Our private cinema facilities, distribution company, sound post production and logistics services combined with Deluxe Australia’s 100 year heritage, enhances our ability to support filmmakers, get their stories into production and seen by Australian and global audiences. We are inspired by building long-term relationships with Australian filmmakers, starting from their first short film or online production through to celebrating their Logies, AACTAs, Emmys and Academy Awards.

Separate from the arrangement with Deluxe Australia The Backlot Films has a distribution company that will also provide filmmakers with an alternative opportunity to secure a commercial cinema release. Boasting an array of non-traditional distribution strategies – in which a producer can also have the option to retain the rights to their content, along with P & A / Equity investment and a dedicated marketing team, The Backlot Films is one hundred percent committed to the release of Australian content first and foremost on the big screen, then followed by all subsequent tier release platforms, including VOD.


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