Your first look at Craig Eccles’ The Loop

A trailer for Craig Eccle’s The Loop started doing the rounds early last week. The film was shot mainly at Whiteman Park near Perth and is expected to screen sometime this year on the festival circuit.

The Loop tells the story of four friends who embark on an adventure with plans for a fun day out but quickly find themselves lost and alone with no way out and no sign of help. They come across some paranormal phenomenon that will not leave them alone.

“Being an independent film maker my budget was small and finding the cast and crew capable of making such a movie with what we had was an extremely tough process.” Eccles’ told Cinema Australia.
“I spent 3 months searching for cast and crew all local to the Perth area where the film was being made. On our second last day of shooting at our new location we were advised our last day was to be cancelled as there will be an extreme fire danger so in 36 degrees we all spent a very long day in the heat getting as much as we could possibly do and adjust the script, storyline and shot lists shot by shot. But with the amazing cast and crew we had, we pulled it off.”

Eccles hopes to enter The Loop into the film festival circuit, not just for his success, but the success of his dedicated cast and crew. “I spent a long time searching for talented people who deserved a chance in the industry, people who have put in the hard yards and needed a foot in the door. None of this is about me, it is all about them and their futures in the industry. Every one was an absolute pleasure to work with and every one put in more than they were asked. The future of this movie I hope will allow these cast and crew a future and to show the world what talent is available right here. With hopes of entering into festivals and running a premiere in the near future, im am certain people will be amazed at what they are about to see.”

The Loop
Directed by Craig Eccles
Starring Monique Eccles, Samuel Tye, Kate Elliot, Michael Rainone and Tegan M Gregory



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