First Taste of Damon Gameau’s That Sugar Film

That Sugar Film follows Damon Gameau as he explores the impact of sugar on his own body after having been mostly sugar free for three years.

That Sugar Film is a fun an engaging look at how (and how much) Australians consume sugar, how it impacts us and the surprising amount of it found in perceived healthy foods. Damon’s experiment saw him consuming forty teaspoons a day (the average amount consumed by an Australian adult); on a diet of perceived normally ‘healthy’ items, without any junk food.

The film features appearances from Stephen Fry, Brenton Thwaites, Isabel Lucas and Jessica Marais.

The film is directed by Damon, and produced by Nick Batzias from Madman Production Company. Damon comments “I am thrilled to be finally sharing this film with audiences. The journey has been an extraordinary one for me and those close to me. Given the current state of health and well being in the population, I think it is vital that we change the way we think about ‘healthy’ foods. My hope is that this story will help people to make a powerful change in their own lives and in the lives of their children.”

That Sugar Film will have its world premiere on 20 November 2014 at the International Documentary Film Festival in Amsterdam, the world’s largest documentary film festival. It will then release in Australian cinemas in March 2015, and will see Damon appearing around the country at a number of special events discussing the film, and sugar’s role in our lives.

The film website, which went live today, forms the hub of what Damon hopes will be a nationwide movement to change the way we think about sugar. The website contains recipes, information about sugar, resources for schools and educators, and will grow to include numerous personal tools for those looking to decrease the amount of sugar in their lives.

Alongside the film, That Sugar Book will be released by Pan MacMillan in mid February.


You can find out more about That Sugar Film at

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