The Joe Manifesto to screen in Melbourne

Gregory Pakis’ (Jugular) 2013 feature film The Joe Manifesto will screen at Melbourne’s The Dan O’Connoll Hotel next month.

Filmgoers eager to see this film can find the dates below.

Approaching his mid-thirties and reluctantly engaged, bored office worker Joe, meets the outlandish job and partner swapping Vee, who encourages him to be 100% honest in his life. Recently released on VOD/Cable VOD in the USA and Canada,

The Joe Manifesto was produced by the 2012 Tropfest winning producer of Lemonade Stand, Julian Costanzo.

Gregory Pakis is the writer, director, and star of The Garth Method (2004) currently distributed throughout Australia, New Zealand, USA and Canada by Accent and Vanguard Entertainment. The Garth Method was the winner of 8 awards at film festivals in Australia and the US, amongst them Best Actor and Best Director awards.

Gregory also starred in and produced Garth Goes Hitchhiking (2007) a documentary about him hitchhiking from Melbourne to Cairns in 2005.

In 2011 Gregory completed Garth Lives in a Van which documented his experiences living out of a van around inner city Melbourne for 12 months. It picked up a Best Guerilla Film award.

THE JOE MANIFESTO  – Screening Details
The Dan O’Connell 225 Canning St, Carlton.
Sunday, 7th December: 1pm
Monday, 8th December: 7:30pm
Sunday, 14th December: 1pm
Monday, 15th December: 7:30pm

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