Cinema Nova to host Charlie’s Farm Q&A with director Chris Sun, Bill Moseley and Nathan Jones

Cinema Nova will host a special Q&A screening of director Chris Sun’s Charlie’s Farm. The Director will be joined by American horror actor Bill Moseley and Charlie himself, Nathan Jones.

Director Chris Sun (Daddy’s Girl and Come And Get Me) returns with this chilling, Aussie outback slasher flick. At the back of beyond lies an abandoned farm known to some as “Charlie’s Farm”. Legend has it that it once housed a family of blood crazed maniacs who, after years of murder and torture, met their fate at the hands of a local mob hell bent on vengeance. When four thrill seekers head to the farm for a weekend of morbid exploration, they soon discover that the mythology surrounding the farm is more fact than legend and that Charlie, the young boy orphaned by the baying mob, has now grown into a 7-foot, 375-pound killing machine! Welcome to Charlie’s Farm!

Charlie’s Farm stars Tara Reid (American Pie, Sharknado), Bill Moseley (Texas Chainsaw 3D, Halloween), Kane Hodder (Se7en, Monster) and Nathan Jones (Troy, Mad Max: Fury Road)

Tickets are available here.

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