Indie favourite Jugular looking for crowdfunding boost

Shot as a one-man crew on a Canon 60d and a rigged-up crude steadicam, Fremantle director JJ DeCeglie’s harrowing film, Jugular, is as independent as Australian cinema comes. And as anyone who’s tried their hand at it will know, independent filmmaking can be a costly endeavour.

After successful screenings at underground film festivals around the country, Jugular – a story of one man’s nightmarish decent into the recesses of his own mind – is now in the process of raising funds with Pozible to get a classification in Australia to support the film’s DVD release as well as boutique cinema screenings.

Launched by Video Archives founder, Jimmy The Exploder, and the films director, JJ DeCeglie, it’s a campaign the boys are also using to build awareness for their film.

“The distribution of Australian films, more so than their quality, is the problem. Distributors and producers are spectacularly unsophisticated in their use of digital and social media.” Jimmy told Cinema Australia.

“Again and again, I see a crude Facebook page and Twitter account popping up right before a film’s release. They throw the film against a wall and hope it sticks. Crowd-funding our distribution through pre-sales gives us social proof, builds our tribe and ensures we have a ready-made audience.”

Jugular Film 2

Recently the crowd-funding campaign hit the $6000 mark on where the filmmakers are offering rewards like signed artwork, VIP packages and executive producer credits to get people on board.

It’s a move welcomed by JJ.

“We think the play Video Archives are making with Jugular is really innovative and forward-thinking, it’s this hybrid model, that uses crowd-funding to fuel and allow pre-sales, mixing in savvy marketing and advertising via an engaging social media campaign; it’s actually a pretty great idea.” JJ said.

“You gotta remember Jugular is a completely independent, microbudget film, so you have to be careful about your moves, in the most part we’re just selling people the finished movie based on our trailers and art and the little successes we’ve had so far. If everything works out, we’ll have hundreds of copies of the film in the hands of people genuinely interested in watching and owning it, and have the ability to host a run of boutique cinema screenings all over, which for me as the filmmaker, is really very exciting.”

If you would like to find out more about the campaign, or contribute, you can do it here.

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