Review: Maniacal Mick returns in Wolf Creek 2

Ryan Corr as Paul in Wolf Creek 2.

Ryan Corr as Paul in Wolf Creek 2.

Who is Mick Taylor? We all know he’s the last person you’d want to come across in the outback and that he’s a foreign backpacker’s worst nightmare. He’s especially aggressive towards the English and loves to dismember people from head to toe. But what motivates his seemingly senseless killings? An abusive upbringing? An equally deranged family?

Delving into Mick’s past would be a dream job for any screenwriter young or old and a lot of fun for an audience who chooses to invest their time in a Wolf Creek movie.

Unfortunately, after a nine year wait for a sequel, we’ve been delivered a dull rehash of Greg Mclean’s brilliant 2005 original which idles for half a film before it even begins to rev its engine. 

This time around Mick Taylor has become a parody of himself, delivering some truly cringeworthy dialogue which left me giggling in embarrassment rather than gripping my chair in white-knuckled fear. 

“This time around Mick Taylor has become a parody of himself, delivering some truly cringeworthy dialogue.”

And it’s not just the corny, under-developed, lead antagonist who disappoints, there’s also moments of terrible humour – one which involves a troop of poorly computer generated kangaroos exploding to the tune of The Lion Sleeps Tonight. It’s really silly stuff.

The film pushes the pedal to the metal about a third of the way through when Mick starts toying with his latest prey, Paul, with a game of Aussie Trivial Pursuit. For every question Paul gets wrong he loses a finger to a rusty grinder. To all the poms out there, Dennis Lilly is not Australia’s greatest batsman starting with the letter D.

It’s not the only time during the film that Mick flaunts his maniacal disposition but it’s definitely the scariest. The disturbing, claustrophobic surroundings of his lair in which Paul’s torture takes place is the stuff of real nightmares. Star Wars fans will have fun looking out for Mclean’s nod to Return of the Jedi.

Greg Mclean is a respected and very talented filmmaker who I’m sure we’ll lose to the bright lights of the American film industry. Hopefully then he’ll pass the Wolf Creek mythologies on to another writer/director willing to take Mick on a more interesting jaunt.

Wolf Creek 2: 2.5/5
Directed by: Greg Mclean
Staring: John Jarratt, Ryan Corr
Review by: Matthew Eeles

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