Sunday Shorts: The Arrow

Written, Produced and Directed by Clifton Schulke Starring Luke Watts (as Damon) and Mick Donnellan (as the Enemy Archer) Deep in the forest a hunter realises that he’s not the only one skilled with a bow. Introduction by Clifton Schulke I would best describe The Arrow as a medieval action film where two enemy archers are pitted against each…

Trailer of the Day: Lost & Found

Lost & Found Written, Directed and Produced by Ian G. Westley Starring Kendal Lane, Tony Doak, David Sinnamon, Stalla McMahon, Christos Aristidou, Tegan Devine, Mick Donnellan, Dean Netherwood and Kurt Swadling Lost & Found follows nine people through one week in their lives. New relationships are formed, current relationships tested and some do not get started.