MDFF Review: The Power of Activism

The Power of Activism

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Directed by Steven Posvolsky

Review by Gavin Bond

This passionate environmental and feministic documentary proves to be most timely.

On one hand, this multi-faceted doco successfully taps into the current focus on Environmental reform in Australia, (recently illustrated by the emergence of environmentally conscious independent candidates in the recent federal election and the spirited but unlawful protests by Blockade in metropolitan Sydney.)

It also stands as a stirring tribute to the feminine spirit (while being currently under threat by the overturning of Roe vs Wade in the ultra-conservative United States) that seems to be thankfully strong and ever present in the youth of this country.

The Power of Activism profiles six socially conscious young Aussie women, whose goal is to protect the environment and educate others in the dire effects of pollution and global warming.  

This sextet is made up of environmentalists, a shark conservationist, an animal law advocate, and climate campaigner.


This modestly budgeted but resonant film intercuts between interviews with the youthful and articulate subjects to stunning landscape photography that chronicles the intrepid activists’ travels to Antarctica and Indonesia.

 The real strength of this film is director Steven Posvolsky and producer Michelle Dado-Millynn’s deft attempts to avoid just simply preaching to the converted, but to actually try to engage “the other side.”

They do this by wisely exploring the long-term economic value in dollar terms of implementing the conservation practices proposed by these activists.

One can only hope a portion of the uninitiated masses and unenlightened viewers will now take heed of this spirited film’s message and ultimately dispel their misguided apathy.

The Power of Activism is screening as part of the 7th Melbourne Documentary Film Festival. The festival runs from the 1st -31st July Online and the 21st – 31st July 2022 In-Cinema at Cinema Nova as part of Documentary Month.



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