New Trailer: There’s a killer on the loose in Mark Hartley’s new thriller, Girl at the Window

Ella Newton and Vince Colosimo in Girl at the Window

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Starring Radha Mitchell (Olympus Has Fallen, Silent Hill), Girl at the Window is a psychological thriller that follows a teenage girl’s quest for the truth when she becomes convinced that her mother’s new boyfriend is the serial killer terrorising their town, and will stop at nothing to prove it.

From director Mark Hartley (Not Quite Hollywood, Patrick), the film also stars Ella Newton (Hulu’s hit show; Harrow), Vince Colosimo (Chopper, The Wog Boy), and James MacKay (Hacksaw Ridge).

A troubled teenage girl (Ella Newton) who’s struggling to cope with the accidental death of her father, suspects that the mysterious killer stalking her hometown is not only her neighbour, but her mother’s (Radha Mitchell) new romantic interest. When she calls in the police after her best friend disappears, it’s a false alarm. But that doesn’t stop her determination to expose the killer. During a second police response an innocent man dies and she suffers a breakdown. Confined to bed and no longer believed – not even by her extremely concerned mother – she is certain the killer is closing in on her. He is, but now no one is listening.


Girl at the Window was shot on location in Melbourne late last year, at a time when Covid restrictions were in full swing, and state border closures meant that it was best for the filmmakers to bring together a team of as many local cast and crew as possible. Luckily, this was already the plan for Melbourne-based director Mark Hartley and producer Antony I. Ginnane; seeing the return of their collaborative partnership following on from their successful 2013 remake of Ginnane’s Patrick.

Hartley and Ginnane brought on other locals and Patrick remake key creatives to join the filmmaking team, including; Director of Photography, Garry Richards, Production Designer, Robert Perkins, and SFX & Prosthetic Artist, Larry Van Dynhoven.

Ginnane and Hartley, along with screenwriter Terence Hammond (Last Dance), had co-writer Nicolette Minster come on board, bringing with her a female sensibility and instincts to the female-led thriller.

Actress Ella Newton, who plays the lead role of Amy, adds: “I think that this film is coming out at the right time for audiences. It’s quite political as we’re hearing a lot of women who are talking about not being believed, which is really scary. And this film really dives into the idea of you knowing something bad is going on and you telling people and yet no one believes you. So I think that that will really ring true, especially for female audience members.”

Ginnane, whose producing credits include Screamers and Patrick, describes GIRL AT THE WINDOW as a blend of Rear Window and Disturbia.

Kismet will release Girl at the Window in cinemas nationally on AUGUST 18, 2022



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