Focus on Erotica Film Festival: Eco-insatiable

Kirilly Tripping

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Kirilly Tripping’s Eco-insatiable will screen at the upcoming Erotica Film Festival.

Eco-insatiable is captured on the Gold Coast Hinterland and is directed, written and performed by Kirilly Tipping, and filmed and edited by India d’Scarlett.

Here, Kirilly writes about Eco-insatiable which will screen at Erotica Film Festival starting June 10, alongside high quality, conscious, consensual erotica.

Article by Kirilly Tipping

Eco-insatiable is a depiction of the complex, multi faceted nature of women. A tactile exploration of river, rock and flesh sets the scene for a story of seduction, shame and objectification. 

The narration takes us on a paradoxic journey of the feminine through spoken word poetry. 

The film presents the qualities of a woman that soothe, nourish and nurture. And we are also reminded of the wild, primal, chaotic feminine aspects. 

The verses of the poem reveal the opposing desires within a woman: To hunt and devour as well as to give birth to life and nurture. 

We experience the fierce and the gentle ways of women. The wild, erotic and wholesome qualities that make up the full spectrum of feminine bodied humans. 

The film offers a sense of consolidation, reminding us that all these parts exist simultaneously in one complex, powerful and misunderstood vessel. It shines a light on the split that divides the many faces of the feminine.


With this film, I offer an illustration of wholeness rarely seen in a society that encourages women to dilute and domesticate themselves in the undercurrents of societal distortion. 

I knew I wanted to submit something impactful and unique to the Erotica Film Festival this year. This concept took over what was initially meant to be a self pleasure in nature piece. My body, as a symbol of all women, became my muse and I found myself repelled and allured at the same time by all the dualities of the feminine form, and the meanings we’ve attached to it collectively.

I felt the deep pain and honour of being born a girl, and Eco-insatiable is an ode to that. 

It was not my intention to become my own muse. The film was initially meant to be a “self pleasure/making love to nature” film, but as I watched the visual for poetic inspiration, I viewed myself as a representation of all women. I was in awe, yet disgusted. I felt repelled and allured at the same time.

I looked at my own breasts as a representation of god and porn. I saw them as symbols of pleasure and play, as well as nourishment and food. I saw my limbs as tools for sexual manipulation as well as providers of ultimate care and tenderness. It was quite profound and the poetry flowed from there.

You can find all the Eco-insatiable screening details here.



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