It’s time to face the music – The new 6 Festivals trailer is here!

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Bonsai Films, Invisible Republic, Hype Republic, HELIUM, Perception Pictures and Superlative Pictures have announced that Macario De Souza’s new film 6 Festivals, will have its world premiere at the Sydney Film Festival ahead of a national cinemas realease on 11 August and coming soon to Paramount+.

Shot at leading Australian music festivals and locations in Queensland, New South Wales and the ACT through 2020 and 2021, 6 Festivals follows Maxie, Summer and James who share a deep bond and love for music. James (Rory Potter) is the entrepreneur of the trio, his sights set on a career as a promoter.

Summer (Yasmin Honeychurch) has an incredible singing voice. Maxie (Rasmus King) is the maestro of mischief. When James receives a devastating diagnosis, the friends – each with burdens to bear – throw themselves into a whirlwind of festivals in an attempt to escape reality. Featuring top Australian acts Dune Rats, G Flip, Bliss n Eso, B Wise, Peking Duk, Ruby Fields, Jerome Farah, Kobie Dee and more – and fantastic footage shot at actual festivals.


“I’m honoured and proud to premiere 6 Festivals at the prestigious Sydney Film Festival especially now that we’re back to hugging, singing, dancing and collectively feeling something together again in the flesh,” says De Souza.

“This film represents young and diverse Australian voices and celebrates Australian music and I can’t wait to unveil it to the world! The journey here has been extremely challenging, but with a committed team behind me, and support from passionate funding partners who shared our vision, we were able to achieve what most thought was impossible.”

6 Festivals is distributed by Bonsai Films, written and directed by Macario De Souza, produced by Michael Wrenn, Shannon Wilson-Mcclinton and Jade Van Der Lei and executive produced by Mark Fennessy.

Find out more about the Sydney Film Festival screening here.



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