National release date and a fresh new trailer revealed for Joy Hopwood’s Get a Life, Alright

Get a Life, Alright.

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Joy Hopwood has announced a national release date for her upcoming romantic dramedy, Get a Life, Alright – a followup to last year’s Rhapsody of Love.

Directed by Hopwood, and co-produced and co-written by Hopwood and Shamini Singhal, Get a Life, Alright had its world premiere at The Australian High Commission International Film Festival in Singapore. The film also recently won best drama feature at Hong Kong’s International Indie Film Festival.

Get a Life, Alright follows Nick Singh (Satish Kala), a struggling Indian-Australian actor who falls for Tessa Wise (Abril Tolnay), the leading actress of a local television show. After their date is tipped off to the media, the drama begins to unfold. Get a Life, Alright is a story about the jealousy of fame and highlights the importance of female relationships.

“Co-writing and producing Get a Life, Alright with Joy allowed me to relay my experiences within a creative screen space,” says Singhal. “Joy has very pure motivations to depict diverse realities and does her best to authentically create story realms and characters. She has managed to do so by rounding up talented cast and crew who are motivated by the same ideals. I’m happy to have collaborated with Joy as she understands that authentic representations are central to meaningful on-screen diversity.”

Get a Life, Alright is different from all my other films due to the pop-music video sequences and is probably my best work to date,” says Hopwood. “It was made with the support and collaboration of passionate, creative women in a positive, fun spirit and in celebration of independent filmmaking. Being the first diverse romantic drama, musicial – due to the music videos, it’s led by a team of women who were all positive, on the same page and who were intuitively in sync with one another which was a very special experience to have all these elements combined. It’s a film for everyone, especially those who love chick flicks, romance, pop music & who appreciate indie filmmakers. I’m proud of what my team has achieved with 1% of the budget that you normally see of Hollywood blockbusters.”

The music in the film was produced by Paul Wiltshire whose has worked with bands like Back Street Boys, Human Nature, Delta Goodrem and Vanessa Amorosi. The music is co-written by Roy Nicolson and Hopwood.

Get a Life, Alright stars Abril Tolnay, Satish Kala, Aileen Huynh, Dilshan Rain and Sukhraj Deepak (Here Out West).

Get a Life, Alright will be released through Dendy & Wallis Cinemas Australia-wide starting May 19. 

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