What’s On [Hawthorn]: World premiere and Q&A screening announced for Dreams of Paper & Ink

Tamara Lee Bailey and William Servinis in Dreams of Paper & Ink.

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Glenn Triggs is a serious talent, and his latest film, Dreams of Paper & Ink, cements him as one of Australia’s most exciting filmmakers.

Following his previous films like time travel drama 41, horror film Apocalyptic and the Spielberg-inspired adventure film The Comet Kids, Dreams of Paper & Ink is Triggs’ most impressive film yet.

Featuring no-dialogue, Dreams of Paper & Ink follows an elderly novelist Wade, who re-visits the crossroads of his first and second love through imagination and a typewriter.

In true independent filmmaking spirit, Dreams of Paper & Ink is written, directed, edited and produced by Triggs and stars Tamara Lee Bailey, William Servinis, Neal Bosanquet and Marlene Magee

Dreams of Paper & Ink will have its world premiere at Lido Cinemas in Hawthorn on Friday, 20 May at 7pm. The screening will also includes a post-screening Q&A with Triggs and stars William Servinis, Tamara Lee Bailey and Neal Bonsanquet.

Tickets and details here. More screenings are expected to me announced soon. 



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