New Trailer: Painkiller

G Roberts in Painkiller.

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It’s not just the weather that’s hot in Western Australia at the moment. The local filmmaking community in the sandgroper state is on fire.

With the WA Made Film Festival ready to launch into its second weekend, micro-budget indies like Have You Heard About Charlie? and Homo Ignarus playing to big audiences, and world-class shorts like Freedom Swimmer and In Australia hitting it big on the festival circuit, it’s hard to keep up.

Joining the part is Nick Petkov’s Painkiller which dropped its first trailer recently.

Written and directed by Petkov, Painkiller follows Steven Sullivan, a lonely office worker desperate to escape his feelings of self-loathing.

Forcing himself into a life of hedonism, degeneracy and high-risk situations with a complete disregard for self-preservation, Steven begins his descent from a banal but normal life into a place of no return.


Filmed on location in Western Australia between late 2020 and 2021, Painkiller is produced by Morgan Munro and stars G Roberts in the lead role, Bonnie Wheeler, Craig Van Waardenburg, Miarka Rogers and Samantha Hortin.

Petkov has directed many short films which have screened locally and abroad. Nick’s long-term goal is to create an amazing scene in film so he can give back to the film community which has had a major impact on his life.

Morgan has always had a passion for media and the way it can be used to tell stories as communicate ideas. Morgan’s drive for producing Painkiller comes from the many relevant issues confronted in an unflinching way that makes it easy for an audience to connect to.

Painkiller is eyeing a May release. Keep an eye on for details. 


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