What’s On [Sydney]: The Spy Who Never Dies

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The Spy Who Never Dies will screen in Sydney this Thursday night.

Written and directed by Corey Pearson, The Spy Who Never Dies is a quirky action rom-com about an international spy named Brad (Paul O’Brien).

Brad is sick of saving the world and is looking for more from life, in fact just a “normal” life. A life with no guns, no villains, no recovering plutonium…you know, a normal life.

A serendipitous event has Brad meeting a seemingly normal girl named Veronica (Georgia Walters) … who is a vet… not “The Vet”, just a normal, smart, cute, vet. Veronica has a congenital heart condition, any excessive elevation in her adrenaline and heart rate could end her life. On top of that, she is allergic to bees, so a recipe for disaster..probably.

Comedy ensues around Brad trying to quit the spy agency, whilst trying to have a normal relationship with Veronica. Enter the Russians with stolen hypersonic missiles and a mysterious character called Trident who is hell-bent on revenge.

Brad just can’t get the break he needs to see if love and a normal life are right for him, all the while having to save the world… .again.

You can catch The Spy Who Never Dies this Thursday, 24 February at United Cinemas Opera Quays and all tickets receive a drink on arrival. You can find more details, including how to get your ticket, here.


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