We All Lie My Darling is now available to stream for free via Tubi

We All Lie My Darling.

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Pierre-Nicolas Panasci’s We All Lie My Darling is now available to watch for free via streaming service Tubi.

Written by Lisa Habermann, We All Lie My Darling follows five Sydney-based friends as they deal with new life experiences, explore their sexuality, and search for love, in a world plagued by discrimination.

“With We All Lie My Darling we aim to stimulate a conversation around the physical, social and cultural barriers faced by the LGBTQI+ community living in rural and regional Australia,” says Panasci.

“This film seeks to provide a simple, honest voice and to be referenced in the future but not only for the LGBTQI+ generation but for everyone. That’s why this film has some light winks to some great Australian films. We hope to inspire a change in the way gays and lesbians are perceived and showcase the possibilities of living a simple and meaningful life for those who cannot imagine it. We All Lie My Darling aims to promote cultural change and inclusion. We would like our audience, to feel that it is possible to be who you want to be. We want our audience to take away a message of love, acceptance and hope for the present and the future.”

We All Lie My Darling is produced by Pierre-Nicolas Panasci and Nicole Thorn, and stars Terry Serio, Daniella Serret, Callum Needham, Coleen McMahon, Kristian Boulter and Ayeshah Rose.



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