Cinema Australia Podcast #74 | Davo Hardy & British Flower

Davo Hardy in Public Eye

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Happy New Year everyone and welcome to the first Cinema Australia Podcast episode for 2022.

In this episode, I’m joined by Public Eye writer, producer, director and lead actor, Davo Hardy, and his co-star British Flower. 

Public Eye follows Elliot Sinclaire, played by Hardy in the film. He’s a children’s entertainer and actor whose social and moral standing is severely challenged when his personal life comes under scrutiny following the viral release of a very private video. 

Public Eye is one of those elusive and rare beasts when it comes to Australian films in that it’s rated R. It’s going to polarise audiences and generate a lot of conversation and opinions which is always healthy. If you see the film, we’d love to know your thoughts on it, so drop us a line at 

I’m a big fan of Davo’s because he’s such a dedicated, determined and constantly active filmmaker and I find it a genuine pleasure to interview him about his films. So much so, that this is the second time Davo has appeared on the Cinema Australia Podcast – the first ever filmmaker to guest twice. It was also a pleasure to have British along as they play a vital role in this film. 

British Flower in Public Eye.

Public Eye is Davo’s 5th feature film following The Lives We Lead, Hunting for Shadows, A Silent Agreement with Paul Mercurio and The Blood of God which starred Hardy’s real life partner Richard Littlehales.

British Flower is a full time actor, musician, dancer, artist, model and drag king. They started heir career at a very young age in musical theatre, competitive dancing and commercial acting.

It’s impossible to discuss this film without mentioning certain scenes and themes, so please note that this interview does include spoilers – one of them is quite revealing. We also discuss strong sexual themes so listener discretion is advised. 

Public Eye will screen every Saturday night at Palace Cinemas in Paddington NSW from 7pm. Details here. A special Q&A screening of the film is scheduled for February 19.

A wide release of the film will be announced soon, so keep an eye on for more details about that. 

Anyway… enjoy.


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