Rom-com Love You Like That gets a fresh trailer and a release date

Mitchell Hope and Allira Jaques in Love You Like That.

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Pivot Pictures has announced the release of new Australian rom-com, Love You Like That, bringing smiles back into cinemas from 21 October.

Be charmed by this heart-warming, nostalgic movie which is sure to delight audiences in the tradition of Strictly Ballroom and Muriel’s Wedding. Starring Mitchell Hope from the Disney film series Descendants and comedian Steph Tisdell in her first feature performance.

Love is in the air in the coastal town of Seafront Sands. The mysterious appearance of a young woman washed up ‘starkers’ on Mim Beach turns the sleepy town into a tailspin. Is she a mermaid, why does she have amnesia, what is going on with her craving for coffee?

The young woman has a profound effect on everyone she comes into contact with: a hard as nails local councilwoman, her retired Naval Captain brother, a grieving widow running the local cafe, a sensitive policeman afraid to pop the question; and Harrison, a handsome young man who runs a dating agency with Emily, his sassy assistant.

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During the course of one eventful day, big secrets are revealed that will make this a mythical event that will change everyone’s life forever.

Love You Like That brings Melbourne-raised actor Mitchell Hope back to Australia after seven years in Hollywood, for his first local feature film.

“What got me on board is when I spoke to (writer/director) Eric, he was really enthusiastic,” says Mitchell. “Every day was really fun with him and I am glad I made the decision to be a part of this. Also, Aussie crews are the best in the entire world, they are terrifyingly awesome! Love Your LIke That is a simple story of heart, trust, love and friendship. It’s ultimately one small town coming together”

Love You Like That will be the first new Australian feature film to be released in Sydney cinemas after restriction ease.

The film also stars John Harding (The Crossing), John Jarratt (Wolf Creek), Allira Jaques (Daddy’s Little Girl) and is complete with a special tribute performance by John Paul Young singing Love is in the AirLove You Like That is the perfect film to bring people back into the cinemas.

Love You Like That  is written, directed and produced by Eric C.Nash, Cinematographer and Co-Director Robert Draper, Produced by Sean Gannon, Executive Produced by Patrick Kriz and Music Composed by Mark Smythe.


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