Two icons of cult cinema go Over the Edge – Stream the Hitchcockian-inspired thriller here!

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Hailed as a ‘fiendishly fun piece’ by Australian Master of Horror and Wolf Creek creator, Greg Mclean, Over The Edge brings together two icons of cult cinema, Barbara Bingham and Nicholas Hope in a 15-minute Hitchcockian inspired thriller.

Dedicated to Barbara’s nephew who passed away from cancer too soon and who led her to reviving her acting career, Over The Edge tells the tale of a film composer, Simone (Bingham) who having witnessed a terrible event, is dragged screaming out of her self-obsessed creative funk and into a situation that will put her very life in danger.

Directed by Enzo Tedeschi of The Tunnel and Event Zero fame, Over The Edge also stars Isabella Martin and featuring a score composed by Australia’s most renowned classical pianist, Simon Tedeschi and film composer Paul William Dawkins.

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Showcasing haunting artwork by renowned portraiture and figurative/landscape hybrid artist Loribelle Spirovski who has sold to the likes of Dave Navarro, Over The Edge was produced by Rachele Wiggins and Helen Tuck.

When Barbara Bingham and Enzo Tedeschi met on social media via a connection to a retro horror film, neither of them knew that within a couple of short years this chance meeting would blossom into a fruitful working relationship.

“Twice now I’ve been fortunate enough to bring together these two cult movie icons to work opposite each other – first with Deadhouse Dark and now with Over The Edge. Directing Barbara and Nicholas is a real blast, and I was
pinching myself the whole time to have Colleen Van Deusen from Friday 13th Part VIII and Bad Boy Bubby on set together,” said Tedeschi.

A shared love of classic cinema soon saw Over The Edge evolve into a love letter of sorts to Alfred Hitchcock’s Rear Window. A film about how appearances can be deceiving, Over The Edge marks Enzo’s third collaboration with Nicholas Hope after Event Zero and the Shudder Original Series Deadhouse Dark.

Over The Edge is available to stream now at

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