New Trailer: POV comedy series Socially Distant reminds us to stay connected

Mia (Zara Goodman) and George (Candice Hill) in a scene from Socially Distant.

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13th Street Films has released a first-look trailer for its new six-part comedy web series, Socially Distant.

Shot from each character’s point of view, Socially Distant follows Mia (Zara Goodman), George (Candice Hill) and Davo (Darren Gilshenan) who are forced to live together following a snap COVID 19 lockdown.

These new living arrangements are a nightmare for the socially distant George who’s forced to live with the exuberant and uninhibited Mia, and the ever-present handyman, Davo.

Over time George lets her guard down and allows the bubbly Mia into her life, reminding us that human connection is crucial, especially in a time of crisis.

Each episode sees the trio traverse a series of all-too-relatable lockdown misadventures, from toilet paper shortages to food delivery disasters, as they learn to rely on each other in order to survive the lockdown.

To shoot entirely in POV, a custom-built camera rig was worn by the actors.

“It’s fantastic, because you get to be the director of photography,” says Darren Glishenan.

“It’s amazing how, when an actor speaks a line at you, you can move the camera to express emotion. The camera is directly connected to the performance, as you are speaking through the lens.”

Darren Glishenan on the set of Socially Distant.

Socially Distant is written and directed by Sian Laycock and Joel Stephen Fleming, whose previous web series, Summer School, debuted back in 2018.

Socially Distant will be released on September 8 via the 13th Street Films Facebook page.


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