Things get loose in the new Cooked trailer


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A new trailer has dropped for coming-of-age comedy, Cooked.

The debut feature film of 22-year-old writer, director and editor Cameron Utiger, Cooked follows Ethan (Zane Menegazzo) and his mates as they deal with the reality of post high school life.

Keen Australian cinephiles will see similarities between Cooked and last year’s Bilched, which also follows a group of young mates during their last days of high school.

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Cooked is entirely set and shot in Utiger’s home city of Newcastle where he also wrote and prepared his film during COVID lockdowns in 2020 while also studying and working.

Jarrod Gildea, Jake Willis, Jacob O’Neill, Baylee Arndt, Tobias Atallah, Sam Folden and Jess Franke co-star.

A release date is yet to be announced, but keep an eye on for more details.

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